R’nR Bob

This site is all about R’nR Bob’s Spreader Bars and Lures. Classic in nature, the 21st Century, Finney and C-H-C Spreader Bars are innovative by design and are built using high tech composite materials combined with proven construction techniques.

Spreader Bars

What is a spreader bar? First and foremost, a spreader bar is a surface lure. Secondly, the spreader bar is a multi-bait lure. To the fish, the spreader bar lure resembles a small bait pod or school. Before the fish can be fought, it needs to be attracted to the lure and it needs to see the lure to attack it. The many teaser squids attached to one bar are much easier for the fish to see then a single lure presentation.


"Simply put, the spreader bar is a highly visible surface lure / fish attractor."


The best way to insure the spreader bar stays on the surface is to build the bar as light as possible. That’s how 21st Century, Finney and C-H-C spreader bars are built. I use modern, light weight, tough and durable composite bar materials with the strength required to maintain the teaser squid spread while flexing enough to eliminate “walking” and to enact a swimming motion to the teasers. There is some added weight (lead) used in the construction of my spreader bars. Lighter is better. Today’s traveling angler will appreciate this fact as the airlines are charging for baggage by weight. Also, my “center sections” (the leader attachment pieces) are designed to help keep the bars from going subsurface. They act like little water skis for the bar. And as an added bonus, they create a nice, fish attracting splash when they are working to keep the bar on the surface.


My lure designs are different, uniquely different. 90% of all the lures “designed” today are “designed” and built by many different manufactures. Other manufactures/builders simply remake what is already available from others. Don’t get me wrong here, there are some very good lures designs available from other builders / manufactures. I simply choose not to be part of the crowd. I choose to be different and unique. Truly new and innovative designs do not happen overnight. The thought process, the design process, the development process and the testing takes months and even years to get it all correct and market ready. I utilize my inventive, creative mind and my understanding of composite materials. I utilize my more then a basic understanding of fluid dynamics. I’m on the water better then 100 days each year. I design and build lures that I fish with. With the utmost confidence, I now offer my lures to fellow fishermen.

For inquiries, more photos, questions on pricing, or even looking for help with using this gear, please, feel free to contact me on facebook, or via email at: thernrbob@gmail.com